Teaching ASL

Ever since the beginning of January, I’ve been teaching my mom ASL (American Sign Language) because I was frustrated with art. At first we began learning one sign a day; now we’re learning two signs a day. We are slowly mastering “Forever” by Kari Jobe which was the first song I learned how to sign. I like sign […]

Rosa Parks Museum

My family and I visited the Rosa Parks Museum on February 10th, in Montgomery AL, which was mainly about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Montgomery Bus Boycott started when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus  because she believed all people were equal. During the Boycott, the furious white people were very harsh […]

The Chitimacha Museum

At first we thought that the museum was closed, but it turned out to be open. It was the smallest museum I’ve ever seen! When I first walked in I saw a Chitimacha statue(picture). I went to these very interesting woven baskets, I liked them a lot and wished I could do it. But, it […]

Houston Zoo

For my 10th birthday, we went to the Houston Zoo. First, we went to watch the seal show. The seal had about ten tricks, some of them were a salute, slide across ground, and five foot jump. After the show we went to find the cats which we had to go the long way because […]

Houston Museum of Science

When we got parked, we had to walk a very long way to get to the museum. When we got there we waited for my Great Aunt and Uncle (Judy and Mike) and my Mom’s cousin (Beverly). By the time they got there, my dad and I already decided what show we wanted to watch […]

Holocaust Museum

The first part of the museum, was about how the Jews had many laws against them like they had to wear certain things to identify themselves and they had to have a special license. The next part was some people who survived but had to sacrifice a little like a 10 month old daughter. And […]

Tonopah Adventures

Tonopah is a little town in Arizona where we stayed for a week. We chose to stay there because there was a full time family hangout the first weekend of December. The first thing I noticed about our location were the bees. I’ve never seen so many bees in my life! There was a hive […]

Christmas and New Year’s

On Christmas day I got up (I didn’t wake up my parents) and went to the restroom. While I was in, I woke up my dad. We went to sit down in the living room. Dad cooked the pancakes and bacon. Mom cut the strawberries. And I got the whipped cream and syrup out. After […]

My Thanksgiving Break

During my Thanksgiving Break, I had two sleepovers with my second cousin, Skyler. One sleepover was at my trailer and the other was at her house. At each sleepover, we got very little sleep because we were having too much fun on the floor! Skyler’s grandpa took us bowling and to lunch on the Saturday […]

Frog Dissecton

WARNING: Really disgusting! First, we looked at the eyes and skin which were interesting. Then, we tried to pry open the mouth, I got it open and my dad held it open. Unlike humans, the tongue of the frog is attached in the front. There were two bags on top of the mouth which were […]