Death Valley

When we were heading to our first veiw, Dante’s view, my dad was looking at the slant percentage the highest was 15% grade. Once we got there, we saw the deepest point of death valley. It was all white, we couldn’t figure out if it was made out of salt or water. Then we decided […]


My Halloween costume this year was Identity Theft. I had names of friends and family all over me. My mom really wanted to go trick or treating so my mom and I went for about 30 minutes. After that we went to the haunted house. Once I got in the haunted house, there were flashing […]

Sea Turtles

For science I learned about the 8 speices of sea turtles. The leatherback was the biggest sea turtle at 9ft long. The leatherback is even longer than I am tall(4ft 10in). The shortest turtles are the Hawksbill, the Olive Ridley, and the Kemp’s Ridley at 2ft long.┬áMy favorite turtle is the Green Sea Turtle, it […]

Lady Fingers

For a Fulltime Family Explorer badge I was suposed to make a Halloween costume. I did it on lady fingers like the cake. I put 4 rings on each finger except the ring finger. I painted my fingernails pink. I also put jewels all over my fingers. After I was done, I kept the flower […]


I went to AWANA at Valley Bible church. It was amazing. The first thing we did was games, we played a game where we ran across the room and dodged balls that the teenagers were trying to throw at us. The second game was where you jump across two ropes and you can’t touch the […]

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was a beautiful sight. On the first day, we saw a few elk that were sitting in the grass by the path, they were sooo cute! On the second day we came to watch the shadows move. I didn’t see them move though. We found a rainbow on the horizon, but the […]

Balloon Fiesta

Hmmm… how should I describe the balloon fiesta… brilliant, amazing, AWESOME! These are my top 3 favorite balloons(in the pic.). You can collect cards from the balloon owners. I got 51 cards. The cards have the name, pilot, and where it was made. My favorite is Kay’s Winddancer II (: (on the far right). The […]

The Balloon Musem

My favorite thing about the balloon musem was the search and find. I found all the things. My favorite one is in the picture below. Some baloons hold animals. Some don’t have basket, they have boats! There are baskets with no baloons for pictures. There were 3 things outside I don’t know how many were […]

Navajo Museum

The navajo museum is about indians. I learned how they were put in jail by white men. They carried their babies in little cribs with a board that they lean up against. At first they don’t like it, then they cry to get back in. The board is to help the babies bones grow strait. […]

Grandparents North

At my grandparents house, there are these scooters that younger grandchildren likes. It’s probably one of the first things they go to(I might have gone to grab one first). My grandma and me like to play canasta. I beat her 5 times. Once I caught myself in a bind and was stuck there a few […]