Bathtub Madonna and Bunker Hill Cemetery

Bathtub Madonna is a bathtub looking backdrop with a Virgin Mary inside it. Sometimes it is some other saint, but most of the time it is a Virgin Mary.  When I (Jay) lived in Wisconsin many years ago, I would see these everywhere.  This trip we decided to find one to show Violet, we had a difficult time finding one.  It took us weeks, but eventually we found one.  Asking the locals where they have gone, everyone explained that it is due to the generation who put them up are dying or moving and not taking the Bathtub Madonnas with them and the new owners of the houses are removing them.


We drive a lot and I look for interesting things to see. I spotted this little cemetery out in the middle of a field. There wasn’t really a road to it, but the field had a pass through that was mowed. We turned around and ventured up to the cemetery. The grave stones are really close together, which was odd.  You’ll see in the video below that the grave stones are really close together.  The last video is of Zena running around and getting some energy out.

Bunker Hill

Find a Grave