Badlands National Park, SD

This morning we went to Badlands National Park, located east of the Black Hills of South Dakota. We saw two mountain sheep just inside the entrance to the park. We didn’t stop to take pictures of them as we were on the road with several vehicles behind us. We saw lots of prairie dogs – Jay’s favorite critters – and even had our beagle, Zena, sniff the holes in hopes that she’d take an interest.

We walked about a half mile on what we thought was Castle Trail. I fell down a hill, turning my ankle and scraping my calf in the awkward descent. Jay & Violet continued up the trail a little further, but Zena remained faithfully by my side.  There is no shade in the Badlands, so we were all dripping and red by the time we made it back to the truck. Zena kept cool by stepping in all the little mud holes she found along the way.

Before our RV adventure began, Violet received an anonymous national parks passport in the mail. Violet was super excited to go to the Badlands Visitor Center for an official park cancellation and regional sticker (see left). Violet is looking forward to getting more stamps at Mt. Rushmore next week!

On the way home, we stopped at Wall Drug in the town of Wall. I was disappointed because after driving by all those cool signs on I-90 advertising homemade donuts, ice cream, and pie, we couldn’t even find them! Wall Drug is a touristy, indoor mall that occupies a city block or two. We walked around in circles for half an hour before heading back to the truck & Zena. Although we left with empty tummies, I did appreciate all the historical photos, articles, and newspaper clippings that decorated the walls of the “drugstore”.