Can’t Keep It in the Sink

Do you REMEMBER WAY BACK, when our parents said, “do the dishes”? Do you recall filling the sink with as much water and bubbles as possible, then sloshing around for an hour or so with less than 35 items to wash? After finishing with the dishes, you had to turn around and mop the floor too. I’m sure everyone turned the kitchen floor into a massive slip ‘n slide. Well….

In our current living situation, I find myself overfilling the sink, having more soap than needed, and sloshing water everywhere! It’s almost impossible to keep the it in the sink! Although I do have excess water on the floor, I restrain myself from turning it into a water skating arena.

Theories as to why there seems to be excess water everywhere after completing the dishes: (1) I’m in a hurry; (2) the sink is too shallow; (3) the faucet sits too high, causing excessive splashing; (4) enthusiastic scrubbing; (5) rearranging wet items on the counter due to limited surface area.

We are planning to dry camp somewhere in WY next week. I’m worried about wasting precious fresh water. I believe it will be critical to stock up on paper products before we depart…. the less washing, the better!