Getting Ready to Dry Camp

We’ve dry camped for 1-2 nights already, but this time, we’re aiming for 10-13 consecutive days. No electric, water or sewer hookups. We are pulling out tomorrow. Here’s what I have planned to do today:

(1) Shave my legs!

(2) Meal planning & shopping for at least 10 days. On a regular week (w/ full hookups), I plan & shop for 5-6 days. We’re moving to an area in WY that is 40 min from the nearest grocery store. That’s not too bad. The thing is, I need to plan meals that have little-to-no water usage. I don’t want to boil a pot of pasta, then dump the cooking water. I’m also looking at minimal clean up; using the cast iron skillet, foil, or outdoor grill. I love to cook using fresh ingredients – my fridge is small, so I must plan carefully….

(3) Vacuuming the RV while there’s still access to unlimited power. If you’re devoting time to vacuum, it’s only prudent to mop as well. When you mop, it’s nice to put down clean rugs which leads us to the next task:

(4) Laundry. Rugs, linens, rags, dog bed, clothes and more… even Mr. Fluffy & Mr. Moo Moo get their baths.

(5) Attend Sunday service on Saturday evening, if possible, because the husband wants to leave very early to get the best camp site!

(6) Download reading material on Kindles in case data capabilities are eaten up by Jay’s work in the boonies.

(7) Stock up on beer. I want to have a relaxing drink in my hand while enjoying the view from the RV. We’re hoping to snag a prime spot on the lake at Glendo State Park. Wish us luck!!!

Lots to do – I’d better get to it!!