First Glendo State Park Walkabout

Zena & I went for a stroll this morning to scope out our new backyard. On the way, I met this really nice lady named Shirley. She lives out of her mini-school bus full-time. The bus is painted gray & pink and has been christened “Penelope”. That is so cute!

Now, I’m thinking about naming our RV!  It should be a delicate name because our truck goes by “The Beast”. I can’t see naming the RV “Beauty” because it’s covered in grime 24/7. I’m also leaning towards the RV being masculine due to all the browns it has, both inside & out! I’ll have to think deeply on this…. stay tuned!

Moving on, we ran out of gravel road, and took a narrow path down to the beach. Along this path, we found a pretty patch of the flower to the left. I think I will attempt to watercolor this flower in the near future. It’ll be a relaxing venture on the beach while Violet swims!


The beach was all but deserted. I spotted two skeletal teepees made from beach driftwood. If Violet were with me, she would have claimed the one above as her “fort”. The other teepee was located a short distance across the water.

I also scouted out potential campsites during this walkabout because we arrived on Sunday as many campers were in the process of leaving. I couldn’t find any superior empty spaces to the one we are currently occupying. Most of the available spaces were small and littered with garbage. Some people are so inconsiderate of others and nature. It’s sad, really.