Death Valley

When we were heading to our first veiw, Dante’s view, my dad was looking at the slant percentage the highest was 15% grade. Once we got there, we saw the deepest point of death valley. It was all white, we couldn’t figure out if it was made out of salt or water. Then we decided to go on 20 Mule Road which had some etchings in the dirt. Some of the etchings were there since 2016! Further down 20 Mule Road, there was an extremly jagged road that my dad had lots of fun driving on. Next, we went to the Visitor Center. It took us forever to find the National Parks Passport stamp. While we were at the store, my mom bought a National Parks Passport and stamped it. Lastly we went to the sand dunes. Sand dunes are made of three things, a supply of sand, strong wind, and something to slow that wind.dante