My Thanksgiving Break

During my Thanksgiving Break, I had two sleepovers with my second cousin, Skyler. One sleepover was at my trailer and the other was at her house. At each sleepover, we got very little sleep because we were having too much fun on the floor!

Skyler’s grandpa took us bowling and to lunch on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. For the first game of bowling, everyone had bumpers. And then on the second game, only Skyler and her grandpa had bumpers. My score was about the same as it was in Pahrump, NV.

Instead of a homemade meal, we ate at the Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa, CA. The super-whipped mashed potatoes were my favorite! I took two trips to the buffet – first for fruits and salad, the second for meat and potatoes. Last was dessert….PUMPKIN PIE WITH WHIPPED CREAM!!!

Skyler was my nurse when I played doctor with the frog during the dissection (see last post). I think Skyler was both disgusted and fascinated!