Christmas and New Year’s

On Christmas day I got up (I didn’t wake up my parents) and went to the restroom. While I was in, I woke up my dad. We went to sit down in the living room. Dad cooked the pancakes and bacon. Mom cut the strawberries. And I got the whipped cream and syrup out. After breakfast, we opened stockings and presents. My favorite present was a drone. A little after the presents we went to my Aunt’s house. Once we arrived, my Uncle and dad went to pick up my grandpa. 30 minutes after they got back my dad, uncle, grandpa, cousin, and I left to hand gifts to the homeless. We partied around, after we handed out gifts, then went home.

On New Years Eve I went to church with my Great Aunt and mom. Then we went to Whataburger (not water burger) to eat some deliciousness. Next we went to my great Aunt’s house and talked. When we went home we stayed up till 2018. We went to my Great Aunt and Uncle’s for chili night, had lots of fun.