Tonopah Adventures

Tonopah is a little town in Arizona where we stayed for a week. We chose to stay there because there was a full time family hangout the first weekend of December.

The first thing I noticed about our location were the bees. I’ve never seen so many bees in my life! There was a hive on the mountain that one of my friends discovered. I’m glad I didn’t get stung by any!

Part of the hangout included several activities with other kids like stargazing, a potluck, glow stick party, compass treasure hunt, and geocaching. My favorite activity was the glow stick party because I created the “original whip” and all the kids had a blast playing our battle game. Everybody copied my whip idea!

I met my best friend Elizabeth who is 12. I taught her some string games like cat’s cradle. Then together, we taught a few other kids. We also made up some games for the younger kids to play outside. I hung out with Elizabeth the whole week.

I wanted to go on a hike, but I got sick with a cold. The next day (Sunday), the cold got worse and I couldn’t talk. It was a long drive.

I can’t wait until the next family hangout in March. So far away!