Houston Museum of Science

When we got parked, we had to walk a very long way to get to the museum. When we got there we waited for my Great Aunt and Uncle (Judy and Mike) and my Mom’s cousin (Beverly). By the time they got there, my dad and I already decided what show we wanted to watch which was Edge of Darkness. We all went to get our tickets for Edge of Darkness which was about some planets at the edge of darkness. After that we walked the dinosaur area which seemed like a maze! I took a LOT of pictures and Mike took even more! My  favorite dinosaur was the triceratops.


Next My dad and I went to the top 4th floor which about oil and how they take it out of the ground. The drill is very interesting because the blades don’t touch. When mom, Judy, Mike, and Beverly got to the 4th floor, we went on a weird ride.


Then my dad and I went ahead to the 3rd floor with the mummies! When we got there, we waited for everyone else. When they got up to the 3rd floor, we first looked at the jewelry then the mummies. One mummy was a priest with black stuff smeared on it’s face and red lips.

When we were done with the mummies, Judy, dad and I went to the ground floor and waited for the others.  My dad and I went to the Rocks and Gems after a while of waiting. Mom got back to where we were waiting first. Beverly and Mike were no where to be seen. Finally, we found each other and walked back to the vehicles. On the way, I laid down on the train track to get ran over.