Squid Dissection

On February 25th, my cousin, Jocelyn, and I dissected a squid in my kitchen. We did it because it was a part of my science unit on cephalopods and I wanted to see squid insides!

There were some hard and easy parts throughout the dissection. The least difficult part was carefully snipping the mantle open. The most difficult part was finding the eye because it was buried in thick tissue.

During the dissection, my dad asked us to search for a few things. One was to see if we could find some eggs to determine if the squid was male or female (ours was male).  Another was to identify the chromatophores (small specks that change color). When we first saw the chromatophores, we assumed they were just skin spots.

Dad also asked us to locate the stomach, gills, and ink sac. After cutting open the mantle, we incorrectly guessed that the stomach was the brain because it was at the top of the “head”. As you can see in the third picture below, we found some feather-like organs which were the gills. While I was searching for the stomach, I accidentally cut open the the ink sac and started smearing little black streaks everywhere. Overall, this science activity was an incredible review of cephalopods!