The Better Shot

On March 16th, my dad and I attended a Project Appleseed event at Isaac Davis Memorial Range in Wacissa, FL. At the event, there were three students and ten instructors. We learned about American history and rifle marksmanship.

I had to change rifles four times to decide which one was the best fit for me. We were taught three basic positions: stand, sit, and prone. As you can see in the pictures below, I mainly stayed in prone position because my rifle was very heavy. There were two lady instructors who helped me transition between safety and ready-to-shoot. The most difficult part was opening the chamber because the two buttons were hard to hold down simultaneously. While the adults were in standing position, I accidentally laid my foot on some hot brass. Ouch!

At noon, everyone stopped for a delicious lunch break! First, we all washed our hands clean of gun powder at the outhouse which had a jug for a sink. During lunch, a cute dog was begging hopefully for food. Following lunch, the students and some instructors were timed on the different positions, but I didn’t do the standing one. On the drive home, dad was saying I was the better shot.