Exploring Physical Challenges

On May 9th my family and many of the fulltime RV families at the Branson, Missouri, Rally participated in a field trip at Fritz’s Adventure, which is a building that has outdoor-type adventures inside!

The first thing my friends and I did was the 4-story ropes course. As we were being harnessed, I felt really nervous and excited. As you move higher, the course gets harder with less help for balancing. My second time through this course, I was more fearless and accomplished challenges that I was afraid to attempt the first time. 

After the ropes course, my friends and I slid down the corkscrew slide. Unfortunately, I skinned my knee the first time down. It was a while before I cautiously played on that slide again.

Other adventures included underground tunnels with realistic drain covers so you could look up at people’s feet. To the bottom left, is a picture of me looking up at mom through a drain cover. I especially enjoyed climbing the side of a brick building, a telephone utility pole, and a very tall ladder. At the top of each climbing challenge there was a cow bell, which you were supposed to ring to signal that you made it to the top. I triumphantly rang two of them! Although the climbing was tough, the best part was coming down.

My favorite play structure was the life-sized water tower, because it had a sloped net inside that spiraled upwards and it was fun to slide down. At the top of the water tower was a long iron tube that curved through the air to a two engine prop plane as you can see from the picture below. I loved Fritz’s Adventure, because many of the physical challenges helped me explore who I am.